Saturday, October 21, 2006

Oui are a Family

....I got my brother and my sister with me.....Oui are a Family.....C'mon everybody and see...
Apologies to Sister Sledge.

This was such a great holiday, and I loved the way the family, now all grown up, came from different parts of the planet to be together in Provence, France, in May 2006.

We stayed in a small village called Belcodene which had a tiny pattesserie (but many types of's not just French for "french stick" you know. You can get ones that are extra crusty, double length, slow cooked....Je voudrais une baguette
le double haricot maigre de soj si' vous plait)

Cyclists, poppies and roman bridges are all a common sight in Provence. Jock and I spent the first week in France on our own before we were joined by the family (we met Maman et Papa et frère David et sa petite amie Elly on the main street of Aix en Provence) before making our way to our rented house in Belcodene.